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  • ha! 我在海外生活,可是差不多每年都回去. 应该到jetlasers工厂去一趟:crackup:
    Love the avatar! I'm half chinese though I can speak fluently! WOuld by your lasers exept im on a budget>:cryyy: Hey! I was just in Jinan! Should have met you:p
    hey Gray!

    thanks for expiditing my new order. +1 On a great guy and an excellent company.
    I was just wondering if the titanuim b models are fda compliant or if they would ship over to hawaii.looking forward to your response.
    Hello Gray
    I'm new to the forum and would like to buy a blue laser 1W. I would be interested by the model PL-C 1 W 445 nm, but on the site Jet Lasers.org there different prices for this model. I would also be on the price in euros whenever possible, and if there is a current promotion for menbers of LPF, and if there is no problem for delivery in France.
    Thank you in advance
    Gray, I just wanted to thank you for ALL your hard work on GB#3, and especially on the extra effort you put into my 445nm unit! You are truely a rare person. It is nearly impossible to find customer service like yours. Shipping over seas multiple times, at your cost just exemplifies your devotion to making sure everything ends up perfect. You sir are a good man!
    Hello Gray, Hope this message finds you well!! Thanks for getting back to me,if you can please send all information that you can on them all. Sincerly Robert. My E-mail address is robertccockrum@yahoo.com
    Hi GRAY, I'd be happy with ANY & ALL lasers you can send me. Thanks so much & GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS. Your Pal.............rob
    Your actions in the matter concerning lnlghost1 will go a long way towards your credibility here!
    started collecting for the GB tonite- 3 paid so far-- I should have a better idea of how many are serious soon. When you send the goggles and stands please send the new style goggles they look cooler, for sure.
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