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  • 哈哈,打算降到120美金左右,处理掉,现在人们对激光特别是这种低功率迷你型激光已经降温了。
    Thanks! heh it looks kinda similar but it is aluminium metallic host, not titanium - the titanium might be the selling point :)
    Thanks Kilter. hah... are you in China or somewhere now? :) Yep we can talk in Chinese!:beer:
    Hey Kilter Im GUESSING posts are considered dead if no posts have been made for more than a few months? I had did a quick search and couldnt actually find much info on it! Posting in old dead threads is called necroposting and its particularly bad if the thread is a year or two old. In this case the original thread starter may no longer be on the forum! Maybe you could write to a Mod or even start a new thread about it, if you want a more detailed description! ;) Cheers :beer:
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