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  • "1.15 C6 gold plated focus ring /heatsink
    1.25w Spartan 445.
    1.5 Stainless Side clicky 445
    1.8 w Lazerer Rifle 445
    2.2w Warn Laser (rifle host) 445
    1.5w Minisabre V1 445
    1.8w Minisabre V2 445
    2.4w Guidesman 445
    2.5w Aurora 445
    2.5w Sky-ray 445
    2.4 Blue Ice 445
    2.3w Blue 501B 445
    2.4w Camo 501b 445
    300mw SKy laser 532 ~430mw
    400mw LZSK 532~480
    500mw O-Like 532. ~450mw underspec
    600mw Viasho 532~ 710mw
    400mw PLE 532~ 540mw
    200mw PL 532 Titanium
    500mw 635 Stainless Steel Side clicky
    600mw 638 Aurora
    1.15w 501B 638
    740mw Minisabre V2 638 3e lens
    1w SkyLaser 650-660.~ 840mw underpsec.
    500mw Jetlaser PLE 635~ 620mw"

    In all this lasers you got, wich one is the best?
    i'm thinking to buy one dragonlasers spartan. do you recomended?
    Al-- I see from other posts that you are not doing so great now- Gray & I are keeping you in our hearts and minds and wish you a quick recovery-- reply when you can--- Len
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