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  • Hi Igor, My interests changed from lasers to RC helicopters. I have a large electric one that I take pictures with from up to 400 feet high. Very expensive hobby. I'm working on making it into a business. Just wondering how you've been. Hope all goes well with you. Regards, Craig

    Are you there? I have been trying to email you and you haven't responded.

    Steve Jacobson
    Hi Igor. I'm from slovenia too. Do you know where to buy protection glasses for red laser in SLO??

    I am doing a standard Torture Chamber experiment on a 445nm diode, i will start a thread in a bit.

    I was on vacation for two weeks, but that's not the reason you haven't heard from me. I wrote you at least 10 emails with answers to all your questions and they keep bouncing back.

    I'll PM you the email i have for you and you let me know if it's even correct.
    I was wondering if I could get one on you main models (http://i37.tinypic.com/25s4i03.jpg). I would like that host with the colour diode shown. I'd like a diode with 200-250mW and I want the diode to have the longest possible life. If it is possible could you make it waterproof? Also the host and the module (http://i37.tinypic.com/2lwmxow.jpg) needs to be shipped separately so it gets through customs. How much would this be altogether?

    That a picture of the V2 heatsink but I want the V3 one. I would need all the diode, driver, axis lens already put into the Heatsink so that when I get it all I have to do is put the Heatsink/Module into the host as well as the battery and it all works well. Could you use one of Jayrobs improved glass lense AR coated focuser and an EZ focus adapter? Remember that the Heatsink/module MUST be shipped separately from the host in order for it to get through customs. Don't forget to do that if I buy one or it’ll be a waste of money

    Yes, i built a few versions using this chip, and the LM3410 is capable of going as far as 1A or even a bit higher under specific conditions, for example at a Vf of ~4.5V. But this is very close to it's limits and there are some variations from one chip to another, where they'll start acting slightly differently. However i am guessing your LED has a lower Vf than 4.5V at 1A, does it not? It should work if you did everything right, thermal design is important too as the driver will get quite hot at this point.

    What was your supply voltage when trying for 1A?
    Which model of the 3410 did you use?

    I used 4.7-6.8uH inductors of the model specified in the datasheet.

    Otherwise i suggest you drop me a PM or write to one of my two emails, i'm currently monitoring all three regularly..

    I'm building a LED driver based on the LM3410, but i'm having some trouble getting more than 520mA output current. Setting R1=0,33ohm i got as stable output @ 520mA, but setting R1=0,22ohm the output fluctuates and the LED starts flashing.
    I read on the forum that you build one with this chip that drives about 1A output current. Did you have any trouble setting that current? Which inductor did you use? Any other advice?
    Are you sleeping IgorT dreaming of >1W 445nm diodes?
    Wake up - they´re already here!!!
    hi there, I have a new red laser open can type but I think (pretty sure the drive is dead as a door nail) do you do repairs? This is a glass lensed module.
    Also do you have any drivers for blu-ray builds that will run from 18650 cells??
    Hi there,
    are you still available due the LPF-Mail address?

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