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    After spending several days doing nothing but answering emails and PMs, i had to limit my online time to get some work done.. Unfortunatelly the emails kept coming at the same rate, resulting in a temporary email traffic-jam.. I'm trying to answer everyone as fast as i can, but it will take a while, because i have loads of work to do!

    At this moment it's FASTER to contact me through PM's
    - If it is important and you can't wait for me to work through the email pile, drop me a PM!

    If you need to reach me INSTANTLY, use Skype (for TEXT CHAT)
    - Simply add my gmail address to your Skype contact list... If my computer is ON (= if i'm awake) you WILL reach me!

    If it's SUPER ULTRA URGENT, this is my PHONE NUMBER:
    + 386 30 927 071 (But try Skype first please)
    Hi guys!

    I'm getting all better (finantially and healthwise) so i'm officially returning. :)
    It was great to hear from you just now :)
    I will write a bit more and maybe send a few pics tomorrow!
    ´Hi pleas what is your mos powerfoul lasers,..?? i want buy a powerfoul laser,.. can you make my 500mW hand green laser? or more? thanks
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