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  • Hi i am real serious and anxious i am waiting for my first green to come.I have been reading for a while now im getting.Anyway i was wondering if you had pictures of some builds or kits some visual idea? I hear good things but personally have not seen a thing.But i look forward to hearing from you.........steve
    Hey Igor
    I am making a bunch of Thermopile based LPMs and was thinking about a data logging
    PC interface, what can you tell me about that
    Hey Igor, I'd like to get a price quote on a 500mw 12x-Dioded Laser. Host of your choice, Battery of your choice. Complete package is what I'm after.

    Hi Igor, I red your post about the laser you make, quite impressive. I would like to get a price quote on a Custom 300-400mW BluRays: Using the BDR-203BK diode,
    When it could be shipped etc.

    Thank: Peter
    Hi i`m new here and have read several post as well as seen your builds.Very impressive. I have always been a huge laser fan and have several laser pointers. My questions are as follows: Why do blue ray lasers seem to pop balloons and light matches faster than green lasers? And I`ve been wanting a couple laser flashlight combos they dont make. Like a green led flashlight with a green laser and a uv one with a blueray laser. Do you think you might be able to help me out?
    Hi. I sent you an email not long ago. I probably should have mentioned I'm a lurker on LPF and found you through here. Looking forward to hearing from you. :)
    Hi Igor, Just to let you know that the 8x arrived this morning and is working perfectly :yh:

    Thankyou very much for the time you put in to making this very high quality build, I could not be more happy with it...:D

    I will be posting a review in the near future.


    i have set up a new email address, for laser related stuff specifically (want to keep it separate from my personal email, so it's less crowded).

    I would appreciate, if new orders or any questions or requests for help would go there. The email is in the forum link.

    This is meant for NEW questions and orders or other requests, existing ones will be processed through the old email.

    I will also do my best to check PMs at the same time, but emails will likelly get answered faster. Email also allows me to organize and label orders, and show you various photos and graphs and so on.

    At the same time i am also still available on Skype for text chat for now.

    P.S. Mgeno: Sending you a PM... And yes, BluRays are the best for burning in general. And they also make amazingly visible beams! That's why they are my favorite wavelength.
    Could you tell me what you charge for a build. I would like Jayrob's pocket minis with a diode that is capable of burning. I don't have much laser knowledge so i couldn't tell you exactly what i want. I read somewhere that bluray lasers are the best for burning in general. Is that true? If it is true that would defintily be what i want.
    Dusty, can you please contact me on Skype for live text chat? Same goes for anyone else who wants to talk.

    Otherwise email is active again.

    P.S. Oh and the 8x's go out in an express package later this week, set up according to everyone's requests in the "Order Summaries"...

    Bump older email messages, so they come out at the top please.
    Hi Igor, Im just wondering if you've had a chance to read at my PM yet? Not a problem if not, I know things are busy for you at the moment, just checking...:)
    Corey, i hope you get your money back from that Scammer, i hope i gave you all the info you need on Skype?
    igort i havnet heard back from you i tryed pming you and email i need the laser back im trying to get my money back and the credit card company said i need the laser on hand

    I was just wondering if you got my PM or not,

    please let me know if its doable or not. Niko and I are needing lots of data.


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