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  • Can you give me any details on the picture in your avatar. I really like that focus ring or nose cone looking thing. Where did you get it?
    I found a store today that carries a range of sink pastes including ShiEtsu
    but I have seen it being sought after on the candle power forums.
    Hey, hope everything is going well after returning to Seoul.
    It's been a very busy week here with new FSE students at LGD and
    end of semester testing.

    Today I did some exploring at the PC market and found Arctic Silver 5 at that shop.
    These guys also have mini-ram all copper cooling chips that could work well for cooling
    high current drivers. Ok pricing.

    Post here :


    I found a somewhat reasonable source of high current Samsung 18650 30A
    3000mAh batteries today at the battery store in yongsan.
    These are comparable in price to several of the Chinese vendors after
    Hazmat fees/shipping. They're ~9000won ea or 10,000 after tax. Not outrageous.
    He's got lots of 2800 too. 3000mAh is the highest he's got at the moment.
    I got his card.
    Prices sure have dropped!

    I'm monitoring their voltage as they are charging.

    These top out at 4.35v.
    How are you doing?
    Back to life at LGD. For me. However I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to
    Stick it out here. May be leaving in June for Canada.
    Currently I'm triying to get peregrine recompiled for MacOSX.
    Hope your doing well.

    Btw, how's the arduino programming coming along?
    The Aluminum powder that you got from the paint shop sold you
    a bunch of metal sawdust. It's completely contaminated with urethane
    I had a go at doing a thermite reaction just about 45minutes ago.
    Some of the particles are in fact magnetic.:can: :(

    Hmm.... Suddenly getting some of that Westsystem 420 Al doesn't sound that bad.

    Can't trust vendors here to know what they are selling I guess. :(

    On a more positive note the Fe2O3 seems to be fairly pure.
    Just gave the ribbon a test. It is definitely pure Magnesium.
    MgAl won't burn as well.

    Will try testing the Fe2O3 and Aluminum powder today.
    I'll try doing a video of a thermite reaction.

    Thanks for the supplies!
    Hope you enjoy the Arduino.
    Been offline after Firebase Bananas was overrun by Zombies – Took heavy casualties - Having to regroup and setup new fall back operations encampment - Limited supplies and communications unreliable
    Just found a source for Arduinos, Silver nano particle grease for heatsinks and Li-ion chargers.... New store in Yongsan electronics mall.
    Inside the Electronics land mall..
    check the post out in the help,tutorials section. Got an Arduino today for my open LPM project.
    They have some great stuff for cheap. Wonder how there order fulfillment is. Dx sometimes take up to a week to send all the items. Like a recent order they split it into 3 separate orders one order a day but was like 5 days after I placed my order.
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