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  • Hey-- whats new bro?
    just got a near record Texas Coral Snake.. easy feeder too--(that's not 'normal')
    hey let me know if you received my last pm. seems as though not all pms are being received throughout the forum.

    hey let me know if you got my last pm. they did some rebooting to the site and i dont know if you got my message.

    Thanks dieselmarine for the Star Trek host idea, i build my first phaser conversion,... Here is the video : YouTube - phaser.AVI
    Rest in Peace , Mikey Esposito:cryyy:, you wil be missed my brother, I love you with all my heart Nov30 1986-feb2 2010
    Semper Fidelis
    Hi dieselmarine,
    I have read Dave message reporting your LG 8x data.... can you pls tell me how many minutes it has worked (approximately) before it died? Thanks FrancoRob
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