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  • these 445nm "A140" lasers are they just the diode ? if so will u put one together for i pay for let me know
    I'd love to buy one of those A140 diodes pressed into a module with leads attached =D
    Should be 72$ to Austria with Priority, am I right? Do you accept PayPal?
    hey should i worry about a laser not getting shipped to the us from wicked lasers i'm looking in to getting the 200mw red laser from them should i do it ?
    Hello there dave, Im getting some help from jayrob on the solarforce L2P kit and i have your link for the 445nm diode. Could we swap some info so I can puchase on from you?
    Thanks, Mike
    Hello, I would like to purchase a single 445nm "A140" laser diode from you. Not sure if you also have in stock an extra AixiZ module. Please provide a link where I can purchase. Make sure it's not from a XJ-A130 because I hear they are less stable. Many thanks!

    Paul Zimmerman
    (954) 394-4863
    Hello from Italy.
    I wish to buy a XJ-A140 diode by priority mail.
    Please tell me the total amount, and the modality of payment.
    I can pay via Paypal.

    Have I shown you this already?

    Hi daguin,
    I was told by jayrob that you are the man to talk to about this. I am very interested in the blu-ray laser/flashlight combo that jayrob has created but I don't know how to build it.
    If you are not too busy I was wondering if you could build this for me? I would absolutely compensate you for your time and cover all costs involved. This creation is perfect for my work and I can't wait to use it.
    I will send you everything you need (or compensate you for the item and time if you prefer to do it yourself) Please consider my request and let me know if you are interested. I live in the Los Angeles area. Heres the link:


    Thank you,
    I can say that, thanks to /b/, I noticed the girl was fake in the first few answers :D (It could've been any of us trolling :p).
    Hey daguin I am working on a custom host "Coast Led Lenser". I'm looking at maybe having a heat-sink machined to fit in place of the contact board assembly. Can You give Me any suggestions as to which members might be willing to help me on this one. I have the Lens and press fit housing already. I was going to re-manufacture the original, but I am now leaning on having the custom job made.
    Thanks for hooking me up on my laser prob!
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