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  • still a spot open in the car going to SELEM-leaving Wed Aug15th(iirc) returning mid day on following Monday--PM if interested===hak
    Repped you for helping Jake- he is trying along w/ pontiac to make SELEM. MM will be there and DrLava too.72 days....72 days....icecruncher has paid his $50 too. but who is Spacejay mmmmm??
    Thanks again man I appreciate it. And I have really needed a LPM to see where I'm at on these builds. Now I won't be guessing! Best regards, David.
    Hey man thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! I'll return the favor when I can +rep again.
    Best regards friend!
    hihope you are well, i just ordered rf-405-300mw fwt have you heard any thing about it?i have the 1watt spartan and am very happy with it. am excited about this new laser (waterproof also)have a nice day. bob
    I would greatly appreciate that as I have many more HeNe tubes than PSs so most any one that still works is needed by me. I need to sell some of my gas laser collection to have funds for my new money pit--scanner projectors. And they sell much quicker w/ a PS=== preferably ones that run from 115vac. I love gas lasers but its time to let some go. see my sig to know how carried away I got before I banned myself from buying any more HeNes or Argons. Hope to run up there and meet w/ you and others in your area. IT will have to be after my projector is done. I only lack a few components to start the build.
    about BoscoJ-- he was doing us all a favor-glad to hear all is good now- those fans coat 5 X that much from the maker-- I am adding you to my friends list.
    .hope we are all good now
    not going to send me my money? stiffing me for $20 ?

    No wonder your paypal account is suspended
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