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  • Hope you are still 'hangin in' in there.

    I see the pandemic is back there and elsewhere-- Trump seems to be wanting to get us old folks dead asap--he says : 'most who are dying from covid are old and will die soon anyway'-- and now he has survived Covid & he is immune--- MYB.
    Anything more anyone here can do?
    Could LPF have a Member there? ..could they make some calls-hospital etc. go by his place (if we have his mailing addy.)
    Riccardos last post is heartbreaking. It should have never been like that ...NEVER----hk
    I ma not sure that posting here is the same as our old forum PMs. IMO we lost a lot of features when the forum went to this one.
    I think the changes hurt LPF.. & may be part of the reason why LPF has gone 'downhill'

    it WOULD have been nice if we had gotten some kind of warning-- I lost a lot of pics and more-email coming next--
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