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  • Hey Chip, what do you think about the rep Mfo and TJ have left on my page? I consider it to be misuse of the rep system by their using it for a personal vendetta against BobH. Remember point #2 of your welcome sticky?
    Also, where was it ever admitted "that the first attempt (to ban him) was unjust"? Avery admitted (in private only) the actual banning was unjust, but nobody (especially none of the "group...") ever admitted anything like that to my knowledge. If they did, the post should still be up and quotable.
    A slight verbal jab and they jump on it tells me that it was THEM (who failed in their attempt) who couldn't let it go. We disagree on that obviously, and can't access the threads to settle it, so let's drop that point.

    The analogy to a cockroach was obviously directed to the "group out to get him" who were all "veterans" with that section to hide away from Bob in. From his perspective, it's a valid comparison for them. There was never any comment made that included ALL those with >1000 posts in that single, short sentenced comparison. Perhaps if they weren't hiding away from him in that section while expressing their displeasure with the comment, he could've qualified his statement to the satisfaction of those there he didn't intend to offend. Another good reason for transparency.
    The manner of BobH's responses would've been similarly calm and on topic IF those bastards never derailed threads he was in to attack him personally. Few things infuriate him more than those who try to solve problems by moving them out of sight. It's the Catholic perspective, and the reason they moved perverted predatory pedophile priests around like checkers instead of punishing them.

    The banning of those two shows me that enough are fed up with the obvious bias against BobH that they did something about it. Same with the ending of "ban polls". You'll see much more drama involving those same members in other conflicts as time goes on. Review the drama threads and you'll see them involved in pretty much all of it. Same few members, out of thousands. Now one of them is a "moderator". Doesn't bode well for this forum, despite all the jolly comments he's made amongst his 10K+ posts or his saying "peace" in each one. GHe's not a peacemaker, he's a peace avoider!
    The jabs he took were justified in my opinion. You're certainly welcome to your opinion. The banning of Lasersbee shows BobH wasn't the only problem here. The opinion of Avery I quoted tells me that Bob was wrongly banned.

    I think the group that tried unsuccessfully to ban him with a poll in February jumped right on the opportunity presented by his righteous opposition to one of them as moderator, used the shield of the "Veterans" section to plot a coordinated attack against him, and misused the reporting system to manipulate Avery into the knee-jerk ban. That's my interpretation.

    By the way, a few minutes ago Phoenix77 was also "one of the most liked members in this social place." Now he's been vilified by a despicable thread started by Tech Junkie, one of the "group out to get BobH" and a real piece of shit (in my opinion). Of course, you're entitled to your opinion.
    I've read all of his posts and have concluded that he was treated unfairly here, by arrogant power in the hands of the undeserved.
    For giving me some points(a lit bit late,but i don't check my cp that often...:eek:)
    When my "spidey senses tingle," something is usually not right. SirVesa had my spidey senses dancing a jig.
    oh and you should join the 'Sunny SoCal Laserists" group seeing as you live in the SoCal Los Angeles area... we're planning on organizing a meet sometime :wave:
    yes I'v been to the wells area in fact I love dos cabasas I have pic's from there on Google Earth.

    BR Pyro... :eg:
    Sam also rides motocross, thats to much for my old body, but I do love to jump my 500 scrambler. I have 3 Polaris machines. a 300 hawkeye 330 trail boss and the 500. I live at the end of two trails one goes N one goes S and around me is about 500,000 acres to ride around in. I will never move from this place !!! I have some pic's from some of the mountain tops around here on google earth (Panaramio) if you care to look, look at flaminpyro's pic's. all most all of them were taken from trails I ride on, last Oct. we had 5 fires around here and I got pic's of a helo tanking water to drop on fires.
    come on out and well go riding there are about 6 quads in the stable here and two dirt bikes.
    have a good day, type at ya later ! Pyro... :eg:

    P.S. did I mention I used to do pyro and FX for the Rolling Stones !!! hense MY avatar...
    Howdy Mr. Chip thought I would drop by and say Hi ! :yh: some of the things I know we have in common are lasers and you are the same age as my son. ;)
    I was curious about your name is that your real name or an avatar name ? I ask because I used to watch a Chip Douglas on a TV show when I was a young lad the show was My Three Sons.
    you have a fine day ! Pyro... :eg:
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