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NKO29 06-23-2013 01:31 PM

Help Identifying Diode
Hello, today i found a broken laptop in the clean up and decided to harvest it for parts... i eventually got to the dvd drive and i spent a while trying to remove the laser diode... now that i have finally got the diode out safely, i would really appreciate it if somebody could have some info on it, as searching up the drive doesnt give much info... the drive was a UJ-832 and as far as diode info i cant find anything apart from measuring it to 2.6mm...
pin view : View image: IMG 0572[1]
front view: View image: IMG 0571[1]
Any help would be great as i am just starting off this new found hobby :)

Eudaimonium 06-23-2013 03:20 PM

Re: Help Identifying Diode
Looks like a standard 3.8mm diode. You need compatible heatsink to mount it in. I am not sure if Aixiz offers 3.8mm modules.

Your best bet is to power it with 100mA from a constant-current source (a "driver" converts constant voltage into constant current source) and see what happens.

Faint light = either IR working properly, or red diode but dead.
Exeptionally faint = IR dead.

Bright light = voila.

NKO29 06-23-2013 09:56 PM

Re: Help Identifying Diode
Thanks for yet another great response! After my lpc-826 build i may as well give this a go. So far i know the basics of lasers and how they work, and i know whats required to build them. but it is these sort of things you can only know through experience and time. It is nice that there are good people willing to help noobs :) thanks!!!

Eudaimonium 06-23-2013 10:09 PM

Re: Help Identifying Diode
No problems man.

If there's anything else I can help you out with, feel free to shoot me a personal message (PM).

NKO29 06-23-2013 10:12 PM

Re: Help Identifying Diode
I am sure there are more questions for me to ask :P and i will be sure to check out your store when i need a heatsink!

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