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I'm selling some masterpieces from my handheld collection ...


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Jan 29, 2014
I necro'd when first joining, my first post was one. I had been searching on Google for answers to IR laser focusing and FAP800's and there it was, a link to LPF where people were discussing it. So, I jumped right in and posted to the thread with questions and was promptly wet noodle whipped about the head and shoulders for it. Now, that's a new member walking into it without even looking at the date the last post was, but it would not had mattered anyway. My position is if a forum does not lock threads, they are open to post to.

So, this begs the question why threads are not routinely locked after a period of time, one year, or whatever.... Probably because it takes a lot of work at the rate we post, but if they are left open to post to, I understand the dislike of raising the dead, especially in threads the members who created them are no longer active, but if a valid question is brought forward, it is better than starting a new thread, I think...

Edit, adding an after thought: but in reality there is a big draw back to doing so, members who have not been following that thread won't dig to the bottom to find the new post, so..... with that last thought I just came to, perhaps it is better to start a new thread after all.

My 2.5 cents on necro posts. I've had this position here for years, and usually when I state it someone likes to make a point against it by creating a new member name and posting to the oldest threads they can find until I tired of it, because they are playing around and not sincere.

I have suspected one of the most senior members of this forum is playing around doing that from time to time, I mean doing things to make a point, so when that happens it may not be a former banned member trolling at all. Just someone exacerbating a situation because they can with no concern of reprisal. Such is the nature of anonymous members.
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