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I main Snake in Smash Ultimate in central PA. If that's how you found me, send me a message.

Wavelength collector who's almost out of wavelengths...

Lasers, Volleyball, and Anime. Unsurprisingly, you can find all three in one
Pennsylvania, USA
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405nm (900mW Sanwu Challenger)
430nm (50mW Rich Custom)
450nm (300mW Custom)
455nm (7000mW Ricktrent)
462nm (1000mW ElectricPlasma Pen)
470nm (2000mW Maglite)
473nm (250mW CNI Labby)
480nm (125mW MrCrouse Custom)
484nm (60mW Ultrafire)
485nm (20mW Leadlight)
486nm (50mW WL Nano)
487nm (80mW Rich Custom)

488nm (60mW Sanwu Pocket)
489nm (125mW C6)
493nm (50mW Waterproof)
495nm (125mW Rich Custom)
502nm (110mW Badboybilly Custom)
515nm (5mW Laserlands)
520nm (120mW LaserBTB HL)
520nm 1200mW BUYING SOON
532nm (20mW pen, 1400mW CNI labby)
565nm (20mW Portable by Rich being built)
570nm (20mW OPTLaser Head)
575nm (20mW Portable by Rich / 20mW OPTLaser Head)
589nm (100mW DL Spartan)
594nm (3mW pen)
607nm (170mW Kvant labby)
635 (200mW C6, 900mW Rich Build)
650 (200mW 303)
685 (15mW pen)

DPSS Theoretical Wavelength Chart


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