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    Pman's collection

    Nice to see you back Pman been a while
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    I am in Moses Lake

    I am in Moses Lake
  3. vortish

    where in washington are you from?

    where in washington are you from?
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    what LPM is the real deal?

    go to ebay and look for Starlight Photonics as a seller he has a lot of calibrated lpms I have one from him. He also a member of lpf and if you tell him your a memeber he will give you a discount
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    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    those are looking good lifetime
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    What is happened to DTR?

    Guys if you ever need something go to Jordan's store and email him directly. Doing threw lpf he might not see them! Jordan is a rockstar here on the forum. He always makes good on what he offers. He is the one that came up with the 510 thread for mechmods and vapes so you could use a laser with...
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    Hi From Wet and Grey Washington

    Welcome i am on the east side of wa
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    light sabers

    very cool evil
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    490 nm Lightsaber ;-)

    looking good
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    Looking for specific laser

    you can by ir filters on ebay or amazon for cheap if your worried about it not having one. and you really should try to keep it below 5 mw
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    New site live - please report any questions/issues here

    I was looking through some of the new features and the donation thing is fine as to having a site supporter tag with it but i think every one should be able to use the live chat feature with out having to pay. I think it will bring more harmony to the forum but i could be wrong
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    Veterans section access

    way to think ahead endcap
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    Veterans section access

    I would like to be added back to the group
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    Hodgepodge of Pics

    nice pics lew