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  • Wow, 18 seconds without full OLL/PLL is quite a feat! Looks like it's time I get started on 2-look... *sees algorithms* :cryyy:
    Go figure, that's one I got! I started on a Rubik's brand cube and recently switched to the Daiyan GuHong stickerless. Huge difference indeed. Btw can you recommend a lubricant to use on it, if any?
    I noticed in your sig that you're a speed cuber; I found that really interesting, as I hadn't run into one at LPF before. I just took up the hobby recently, upon learning to solve a 3x3 two weeks ago. I recently finished learning F2L and my PB is curently 52 secs, avg. around 1:10. And yourself? :yh:
    Thengine, they are overspeced that often, otherwise I wouldn't have said that. There are a few threads on it (like "The LEDshoppe Thread"), just look around.

    With $215 I would probably buy the 200mW FGB laser from Rayfoss.
    Btw, if you had $200 and wanted to buy a high powered quality green what would you buy?
    Also a present ( cheap) for a friends birthday. But one that she won't put my eye out with also. I live in states (mississippi) most beautiful place on earth.
    100mW Transformable focusable green laser£*>5~200mw green laser pointer£*>Laser&lighting products£*>www.0-like.com

    is that anygood? i want to burn mathces and pop balloon. and use it long distace
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