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  • Dear shadowvale
    We are DinoDirect.com, a gadgets retailer. We’re writing to get your help. We plan to recruit FLP members to order some lasers on our site with no charge and share their reviews about the lasers in the forum. The Only Requirement is experiencing the shopping process, testing the lasers and make a comprehensive review for the product. We hope you can join in.
    If you interested in it, please reply me via message or our email:reviews@dinodirect.com.

    I don't know what's happening in these last days, but I have been obliged to repeat for about 20 times the connection procedure: every time I read the welcome message "Thank you for connecting, etc.", then suddenly the screen goes back to the name/password request. I didn't change anything, maybe the Internet line is giving some interferences? It's a pity to try repeating the connection.....
    Thank you for your help!

    Noticed you asked me if my PMs were working a few days ago. Sorry for the lack of response. Yes, they are working great!! Thanks!
    hi john here my two sons 532nm and justin lawson need passwords too can you make it the same as mine
    ;), can you fix my social group and make it hidden from public? It will be on approval, as we will share special stuff inside. Id like to mod this group/sections, as well a Group Tittle under/upper the avatar w/ the regular customs members title ( once id go back to pc id pm you something)... Thanks for improving the load/refresh time. -Greg
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