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  • im a very busy man these days with school,job,pt training !!!!!!!!i will never leave l.p.f. just gotta focas on some prioritys right now...ive sold all lasers other than my overspec. 5mw ones.....I WILL BE BACK THO!! will check in from time to time.
    Hey could you put the clip back on the SKY 150 and take the tape off the back for me it would be much appreciated!!!
    i will sell it to you for 450 i cant figure out how to use this forum im not very good at this computer stuff i paid 760 brand new w/3 batteries &dual charger jack said it was maxing from 325 to350mw ionly turned it on for about 20min then put up to keep it brand new imdisabled and in need to get some of my money back emergency at home please contact me my # is 541-973-9496THANK you all or e-mail me your# nealgilson@aol.com prefer acall i cant figure out how reply or anything having a very hard time with this forum very frustrated thank you kindly NEAL.i accidentally ordered the laser thinking it would go into cart any help would be appreciated a760 laser setup and from the bestopto. ihave a wL this thing is pure quality & performance no comparison optotronics is the best .need help ,300$off is a incredible deal,but im in a emergency type situation ,need money for medical situations ect...thank you for your help bro,NEAL
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