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  • "hey its neal gilson here yes 350 i will let it go just mail me or call prefered give me your phone# so we can set up everything"

    Sorry i really dont need it and i got no money for it ATM, hope u have better luck with other people..
    Welcome to LPF-- we are here to help you- I too had (and still have) some probs getting around in the forums-trust me - it does get much easier in time--may i suggest to you that many members only post their phone numbers- addresses- and other personal info in Private Messages ONLY--safer that way-also spy bots search for info and do bad things when they find it. For example replace the @ when you send someone your email address with (at)--BTW- did you find a buyer for your Optronics laser?--PM me.( to PM- click on members name in any post and then click on 'send PM')--you also should be able to edit out any info in posts or visitors message if you want.--Len
    wrm piease contact me or anyone whowants a great deal on this beautiful & powerful laser $350 BRAND NEW ,DISABLED NEED MONEY FAST LOOK@my messages& postings needmore info call me @ 541-973-9496 oremail@ nealgilson@aol.com
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