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  • thanks for the rep Wayne- i can no longer PM anyone--or add attachment the way I have before--wazzup with dat??
    "Disclaimer: all posts made by me are based on my own opinion only,
    That opinion is subject to change without notice."

    Thanks for the 'right on' and the +_rep as well.. I am a huge fan of Caesar Milan(Dog Whipserer on Nat Geo)and if he is right (as usual) lasers are not good 'toys' for some dogs. What a owner sees as 'He loves it' can be actually 'he is obsessed with it' and just how can an owner be sure thier pets are not harmed by a laser shots to thier eyes-- especially a 40mW green----did their pets tell them --'I'm Ok-- no harm done' -btw -toys- hugs, love, spoiling and kisses etc. are a lazy persons' substitute for what dog need MOST- excersise-rules and boundries-then good diet and then rest last. IMO--(you should have not got me started LOL)--Len from SPCA
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