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    Hello from Washington State

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    Techhood are incompetent imbeciles, I cannot do business with.

    Robinson and Ringo are the names. They have since extended a 10 dollar credit to make up for the mistakes. I am glad I waited to cool off before leaving feedback. I didn't leave a glowing review, but I didn't try to paint them as ass holes either.
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    Techhood are incompetent imbeciles, I cannot do business with.

    So from October 29th to November 12, they replaced the inner host of the lab heat sink with the correct part for my Osram PL-520 diode, but forgot the driver circuit and have only just now today shipped them, AFTER I threaten to complain to Paypal. I ordered all the parts to accompany my diode...
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    My First Thread!

    Great build.. and.
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    The Re purpose thread

    At times I enjoy the raw power. Being a physics nerd and all... but I also hate lasers that burn the silver off the mirrors or scorch my walls in the den. :)
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    Techhood are incompetent imbeciles, I cannot do business with.

    I complained to the seller. ;) and I already have 520 lasers.. I'm just disappointed. Techhood has a lot of really great listings, but if they screw up orders that I pay overnight shipping for, it rattles my confidence in giving them lots of money. My next order from them was going to be a...
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    Techhood are incompetent imbeciles, I cannot do business with.

    Anxiously wait for a week to get a DHL overnight from China, only to find my order messed up. :( 3.8mm diodes, 5.6mm hosts, missing driver boards.. I can't install 3.8mm diodes into 5.6mm hosts! and even if I could.. I paid for 3 drivers, got one. rant over.... Oh.. and I paid for brass hosts...
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    Some of my lasers

    That's some good news. Thanks....
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    Some of my lasers

    Most recent photos... I like taking pictures.
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    That oddball diode. (one off wavelengths)

    I was too little in the 60's. Remember those 101 project sets from Radio shack with the springs and a little book of projects? or the "Engineers Notebooks" Forrest Mimms published?? Mine are all yellow and beat up, but somehow managed to survive.
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    Career Suggestions

    That's what I wanted... then spent 30 years fixing copiers and printers. Honestly a fun career. Information tech will be around for as long as there are humans. and you get a company car, meet new people constantly, and the day goes fast because you only actually work a third of it.. the rest...
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    Post your random pics!

    I can tell by the nail holes that people have tarped off the fronts of these in the winter. The snowmobile trails lead right to them. We have 4 of these within a few minutes of my house, so every summer we host a get together or two at the ones that are easiest to walk to.
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    UV, Violet, or IR which is best for burning?

    "Not really relevant to the hobby"??? must be a balloon popper here.... :( if someone wants to know about the science of lasers outside of lighting matches or amusing themselves by burning insects., then by all means, applaud the curiosity. The reason we need shorter wavelengths to read DVD...
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    Post your random pics!

    We have these scattered throughout the local state forests, we use them often. But yours looks a bit fancier.
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    Laser Building, Eyesight, Magnification, and Lighting

    Yes sir.. as I approach 60, I relate to this well. soldering wires to diode legs has become challenging, and driver boards keep shrinking... so yes, an articulating magnifier lamp is a necessity.