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  • Thanks! He was a special snake, very rare.

    They live in the Asian rain forest and seldom imported, and when they do bring some in, the numbers are small.
    A little about...

    I live in Phoenix AZ with my wife Marilee. We moved here in '04 from the St. Louis Mizery area. Never looked back!

    Been in IT (information technology) for ~30 years :eek: now. Currently just enjoying the fun "work" via my graphics design and hobby software at Roosl's Graphic Design. I do a lot of 3D modeling/raytracing and have a gallery of artwork. I've recently added a lasers page to share this hobby with my visitors and family/friends who don't know LPF.

    When I finally decided to get into this, I found this forum, and I really enjoy this community.

    If you want to exchange e-mail, PM me your e-mail address so I can add it to my "whitelist".
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