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  • That's a negative. Few people caught on to him. Don't get mad because you lack the mental capacity to see the obvious.
    so you have nothing better to do than sit on your little computer all day searching to find out whos who on the interwebz? get a life, lay off the witch hunts, and find something productive to do.
    Wow, you're a real piece dude. What ever, I guess the truth hurts. At least one person was man enough to admit he was wrong. You on the other hand seem to just keep your head in the ground like an ostrich. I guess as long as you keep making sales, why should you care, right?
    i dont OWE you anything... if you had suspicions you should have pm'd cold or simon and let them look into it. instead you started a thread that became a flame war.. so thanks for starting a flame war...
    dang do you have and ledshoppe 50 or dx stle pen you can measure for me i dont have the diameter measurement..if not ill try to ask a member:]
    hello drew. Haven't replied back that day :D Not much. btw, the phr diode i bought from u for my DIY 100 mw violet project still lives!!! I also ave that spare phr diode laying around :D cheers
    Dude Wtf ? I did not spam you ? how is that spam. I signed up for that site, and it asked if i wanted to add contacts so i used my yahoo id and you happened to be in my address book somehow, and it sent you a 1 time simple request. How is it spam if its only sent once ? Wow chill.
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