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  • Hey Barry I dumped my friends list to take out the people I dont talk to anymore. I have to re-add you.

    I hope life is treating you well brother. Keep in touch!!!
    Hey, just wondering if you have any of the original heatsinks that you used for the dorcy. I think they were 3/8" wide? I just need a couple to hold a module in place for a labby build. Thanks!
    Hey Glenn,
    The DJR Full-body V2 is nearly identical to the "Max-Mass" heatsinks that I made for Igor's builds. If I remember correctly, Igor's specification had a little projection that extended back into the battery-compartment, which requires the removal of the "pill" from the battery-tube. So the short-answer is "yes", they are the same, nearly.
    Hey Barry how are you doing? I was wondering, is the Dorcy kit you offer w/ H.S. the one Igor calls the "Max Mass H.S.? I may want to get another one or two but currently I am struggling to try to get Yobresal's Viasho 473 nm unit that is doing 75 to 100 mW! So, yeah, kind of tapped out atm. Still, if I can I would like to get a set or two. Best Wishes! -Glenn
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