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    modwerx inventory

    anyone interested in buying a LARGE lot of stuff contact me.. you can reach me by email much faster.. admin(at)modwerx.com i wont sell small items here and there.. dont waste my time emailing me to sell you a diode or 2.. id prefer to sell the whole lot in one transaction if possible. as always...
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    getting rid of stuff..

    Mods please delete this thread along with any other fs thread started by me.
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    modwerx is now closed

    I was gonna try to hang in until the end of June but I just can't see myself doing it anymore. I'm in debt for almost 2k$, owe another 4k$ for last years taxes and probably another 1-2k$ just for this year and all I hear is folks whining about prices. I would like to thank all of the excellent...
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    getting rid of stuff..

    Wow! A whole nickel! Fur realz? Man if u don't want it don't buy it. I appreciate ur worthless commentary though. ;) maybe its to cover pp fees since most people are gonna pay with paypal.. a nickels worth.. P.s. Joe I sent u a pm..
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    De-annodized Hotlight!

    you can use lye and water to strip anodizing. a lot of caustic solutions will strip it.
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    getting rid of stuff..

    sent u a pm. thanks joe ;)
  7. ndrew2505

    getting rid of stuff..

    Delete thread
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    modwerx will be closing 10% off everything in store

    there are 10% and 15% coupon codes floating around and have been.. to be honest i think its been a few months since anyone even used a coupon code..
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    modwerx will be closing 10% off everything in store

    most people dont realize that even "at costs" gb are still money makers.. ive never done a gb and never will bc i dont like the way they operate.. i remember waiting on daedal for several months for the ps3 sleds he was getting.. ended up waiting a long time for kenoms barrels to for several...
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    PHR-803 or 805?

    the brightness has to do with wavelength, not power. i.e. a 650nm 500mw wont seem as bright as a 200mw green.. small differences in wavelength can affect your eyes greatly..
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    Strange 815 sled?

    There's 2 types of heatsinks on the 815. The open and closed face ones like in ur pic. It's completely normal. Use 2 pair of pliers to grab each side and gently twist until you can break the glue free. I've harvested at least hundreds of both the same way and never gotten a dead diodes unless I...
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    modwerx will be closing 10% off everything in store

    I've stayed on the hobby side as much as possible but I can't continue to work for free. I had just got back to the point of trying to build a scanner.. had plans to start selling a complete scanner kit including a baseplate where all u would have to add were the lasers.. Other sites still...
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    modwerx will be closing 10% off everything in store

    the reason im closing is bc people are always complaining about lower prices.. i now have to pay close to 4000$ in taxes and people dont seem to realize how much work it takes to get stuff done along with having a full time 40+hr a week job. the stress is just not worth my time anymore...
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    modwerx will be closing 10% off everything in store

    just like the title says im shutting down the shop and until then everything in the shop is 10% off. no coupon codes should be needed and im not sure if any existing coupon codes will work in conjunction with the current sale prices. thanks for 3+ yrs of support. admin/moderators may...
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    anodizing services now offered :D

    Got lucky and got a 3 day weekend so I had a little time to mess around.. updated first post with more pics.. ;)