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I enjoy electronics, DJing, programmed Light Shows, Lasers/ Lasershows, car stereos/ custom fiberglassing. Pretty much anything associated with light and sound.
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Fabrication/ Assembly (by day), Disc Jockey (by night)


405nm 771mW BDR-209 - Link
445nm 2000mW M140
450nm 6+W DIY NUBM44-V2 Project Box Build - Link
450nm 7.3W NUBM44-V2 Maglite Build
- Link
465nm 3.4W NUBM07E - Link
488nm 139mW Sharp GH04850B2G - Link
520nm 1.1W NGD7475 - Link
525nm 925mW NUGM03 - Link
532nm 32mW Assassin Laser
532nm 125mw WickedLasers Executive Fusion (Rip)

638nm 608mW Mitsubishi ML501P73 (Lifetime17 Host) - Link
650nm 204mW Assassin Laser
RGB 400mW Scanners - Generic


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