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1W 520nm Nichia NDG7475 T6 Build (w/pics).


Feb 3, 2020
Here is the 1W 520nm NDG7475 T6 that I built shortly after the 4W NUBM07 build (since I had another heat sink available at the time). The module was from DTR with a Super X/Drive set to 2.2A. It was the same concept as the previous build, the light green powder coat was the only color green that we had at the time, but it definitely works for telling the hosts apart. Below are the build pics and a few beamshots, some of the nightshots were taken at long exposure with the laser pulsed - for a fraction of a second during the shot. Enjoy:)
LPF NDG7475 1 resized.jpgLPF NDG7475 2 resized.jpgLPF NDG7475 3 resized.jpgLPF NDG7475 4 resized.jpg
Tight Door Handles = C-Mounts lol
LPF NDG7475 5 resized.jpgLPF NDG7475 6 resized.jpgLPF NDG7475 7.2 resized.jpg