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Minamoto Kobayashi

Lasers, Computers, Hi-Fi, Drones, Rockets, Orgonic Energy, Esotherism
Padova - Italy




- Sinner Cypreus II 18650 405nm 1000 mW
- Jayrob Aurora Stainless Steel 18650 445nm 891 mW Average 950 mW Peak
- Jayrob Frankenstein 445nm 2875 mW Average 3108 mW Peak With Modified Recoated Laserglow 10x Beam Expander
- Jetlaser PL-E Pro Focusable 445 nm 4000 mW Peak 3500 mW Average With Jetlaser 10x Beam Expander
- Mrcrouse Zaser Black Anodized Custom Head/Pill 445 nm 4970 mW Peak 4670 mW Average With Laserglow Modified Recoated 10x Beam Expander
- Sinner Cypreus IIIb 450nm 4757mW With Three Elements Glass Lenses And Adapted Linos 10x Beam Expander
- Indigo Imperator 6500mW Optically Corrected With Thorlabs 3x Beam Expander
- Sinner Cypreus II XL Gold Plated 24k 465nm 4200 mW Peak With Three Elements Glass Lenses
- CDBEAM Blue Balista 467nm 5088mW Optical Corrected 8 Lenses System
- Verde Volcano Jr. 520nm 1500 mW With 3 Corrective Optics And 10x Variable Magnification Linos Beam Expander
- Laserglow Hercules 600 532nm 650 mW With Adapted 8x Linos beam expander
- Jayrob Aurora Stainless Steel 18650 532nm 195mW Peak 181 mW Average
- Jayrob Aurora Stainless Steel 18650 635nm 284 mW Peak 271 mW Average
- Sci-Fi Lasers Arcane II 635nm Light Gray Metallic Powder Coated 675 mW Peak 645 mW Average With Three Elements Glass Lenses
- Jayzereer C-Mount Red Mag Build 650nm 1600 mW

- Aurora SH-032 Stainless Steel 160 Lumens
- Nitecore TN36UTvn Modded Ultra-Directive 1 MLux !!
- Fenix TK75vnQ Modded Ultra Flood & Throw 14.000 Lumens
- Fire-Foxes FF4 6000 Lumens

- Laserbee 7 Watt Laser Power Meter Ophir Thermopile



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