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  • Crashing at ARG's place? damn i better bring extra goggles lol.
    Oh yeah I have a "200mW" from DX that i bought years ago too, but i think it's closer to like.. 25mW lol or not even.
    I stupidly broke my Laserglow 5mW chrome green laser. It was the best 5mW i've onwed.. really nice clean TEM00 and was still on original AAA batteries. what happened was that I tried to wipe the lens of debris. noticed that there were artifacts after wiping it, so i tried to clean it more. I figure glass can't scratch right? Didn't occur to me that it was Acrylic (found out when I just gave up on it because the spot was really ugly anyway and took a pin to it). Ugh. What I mean is, my cleaning ruined it already, not the taking the pin to it lol
    Including or not including broken ones? lol
    my wicked 5mw broke
    I fked up my lasergow one (FFFFF-) but i want to replace it.. but not yet
    I had a lab-style one that i've been trying to complete for.. 3 years now lol. Went through like 3 445nm diodes with it (burned them out out of carelessness or driving them too much) and about 3 PHRs, all of which also burned out from overuse and/or being given too much juice.
    I have had a 445nm diode now for over a week - it is probably the longest i've had a DIY laser with me that still lases lol. You?
    No LPM here.
    fyi i made the mobile app free. i want all members to be able to get it. increasing donation goal by $20 a month but having the app free
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