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  • Hi Larry. I received my charger today. I was just wondering, is this charger only good for the Panasonic batteries? Or will it also charge my UltraFire batteries as well?
    Hi Larry - ordered the 2 Cell Charger on Mar 19, but haven't seen a shipping notification yet. Any word on when it'll ship?
    Hey thanks I got those batteries quickly! Got 'em 3 days after I ordered!
    Thanks again!

    Hey Lary, you replied to my PM on the batteries. I sent the payment to your email stating what I wanted to buy. Please reply to me. You accepted the payment October 13th. I sent you 2 PM's since asking if you've sent the battery and charger. You've yet to reply. I'm really close to filing a dispute.
    Hey Larry, have sent you a PM regarding the batteries you sell. You're yet to reply.
    I wrote you:
    I'm interested in purchasing:
    2x 18650 Li-ion batteries
    1x 18650 Charger

    how much would shipping cost to Israel? (when I do the paypal checkout - it doesn't include shipping fees, and I assume it isn't free.. or is it?)

    -Daniel S.
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    hey there Larry,
    you don't know me, as I'm new to the forum, but I was wondering if you know of any local DFW shops of any kind that might have lasers(green or blue) that are higher than 5mw. All I possess right now is a radioshack greenie, and want to begin moving up. Do you have any for sale? Thanks in advance(-=
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