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  • just sent invite to JOG join us and be sure to SUBSCRIBE (FIND GROUP TOOLS)
    that way you get an email about new stuff at JOG-
    LPM= LaserPowerMeter-- your a student- there is prolly a meter at school --somewhere-if not---Members with meter are always happy to check yours for you. You might try PMing Austin- username MRWILLING- he is in Dallas. There are others but he is the only one there that I have met- nice guy- and he has a RGB projector that he built and it rocks. He is a machinist and makes his own stuff- his lathe work is impressive.Not sure if Kevin Massey has a meter but I bet he knows others in DFW that may. he also may have some lasers for sale--PM him too. I was going to send you a link to a cool 30mW green (mine peaks at 47mW) but you already have ordered.

    G L hak

    ps are you going to join LSLF?
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