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    WTB Kryton laser barrels.

    Heya all. I am looking to buy some of the Kryton laser barrels from way back. If someone has 2 or three they wanna get rid of please let me know. Thanks! :)
  2. Kenom

    Does anyone here anodize?

    it's possible. They would for sure have to be broken down as the power supplies I used to have that are needed for larger pieces I sold not long ago. Contact me on facebook as that's the easiest way for us to converse. Ken "anodizers" Rowe
  3. Kenom

    Post your pics of unique builds no-one else has

    I sold this badboy after I build it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XCmutzMTlk
  4. Kenom

    Does anyone here anodize?

    I still do periodic anodizing. Depends on how big your host is.
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    Does LPF needs a new machinist?

    I remember ages ago when we didn't have anyone to machine our hosts or make anything custom. We had to shove our stuff inside flashlights and hope it all worked out with no supplemental heatsinking. Now there are many and this hobby has benefitted from it. I do anodizing and machining now...
  6. Kenom

    Laser Saber 7W+-

    yeah I have a lathe and turn out my own stuff now. Built this one specifically for the 7W, with a nice big heatsink head. Since wookasarts has issues with folks reproduction their lightsabers, I go for a completely unique look with each and every one.
  7. Kenom

    Laser Saber 7W+-

    Just finished this laser saber for a customer. Took a little longer than I wanted but I think it's a nice look all together.
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    30W fiber laser with fiber and optics

    sold thanks for looking
  9. Kenom

    4 new + 3 W Kryton Grooves!!

    Oh trust me, I'm already working on a few. See, I have my own lathe now and lots and lots of aluminum.
  10. Kenom

    4 new + 3 W Kryton Grooves!!

    I love that my hosts are still in circulation. I will be sad when I no longer see them in people's builds.
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    X-Drive X-Boost

    I got me a x-boost v7, and haven't a clue what it is setup as or how to find out what it's capabilities are since I've been out of this game for so long. Can anyone help me determine what I've got and how to get the most out of it plz? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3175365/DSC02468.JPG...
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    30W fiber laser with fiber and optics

    Fiber Coupled Laser Diode with Fiber and Optics | eBay anyone interested lemme know and I'll pull the auction.
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    Oldschooler lost amongst the flood of new stuff.

    Eh, this guy wants the most burning power possible in a visible laser. I have a 20W IR fiber coupled diode, but that's not what he wants.
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    NUGM01T Kryton Groove

    Awesome build. Nice to see some of these hosts still floating around.
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    !!Updated prices: New Kryton Groove FS Thread!!

    it's not that hard to drill it out for a 12mm module. I've done quite a bit of modifications to these hosts over the years since they were my babies. Also, if you want to quickly remove the anodizing without any work, a very simple method is to mix 1tbs of lye into one cup of water and put...