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  • Konnichiwa Tomoyuki Yamaguchi desu.
    Kochirakoso Yorosiku Onegai simasu.
    Drivers No Send Arigatougozaimasu.
    Anata no Nihonngo Pwower ha subarasiidesu.
    Korekamo Yorosiku Onegai simasu.
    Dear jib77
    The email which transmitted a message became abnormal today.
    About the matter that the contents ordered it the other day.
    "Because I transmitted the same email many times by mistake, it seems that it has been registered with "an unwanted e-mail"."

    Were you able to confirm an address?
    Is not there the problem for this business?
    Because I am weak in English, there is a possibility that I do not notice a problem.
    Please teach it if there is a problem.

    I ask to give you answer by email.
    please I ask for good correspondence.
    Can you help me? I know you are a lot busy with the arctic stuff and so- but if you have a time, have a read here please. I think you can help me with a very fast thing. Post there if you need to know something and are willing to help me. THANKS! ;)
    hello jib. hope u are doing alright at the TPS driver, hope to see it soon!
    but... I had an idea about how to protect the diodes from overheating. Maybe you could take a read? thanks.
    You look like someone capable of developing it, as you make circuits and is planning a driver.. maybe attaching this circuit to the ON pin of the TPS :)
    thanks again.
    Hey, I have a question for a fellow D/FW resident...I was wondering if you know of any stores that deal in laser goods? or any shops/pawnshops/hobby shops, that might have a laser more powerful than my little 5mw radioshack greenie.. I really need something better. Thanks dude.
    Hi, I saw you designed a driver . Can you please tell me how to make a prototype board for a driver I want? the green board i mean, ready to get the components soldered on. Thanks
    please join our sub- group

    Lone Star Laser Fans

    There is going to be a meet up your way very soon-- contact Kevin Massey for details.
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