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  • Your the man !

    Just one please mate appreciate that bro,
    I have cash in PayPal but not cleared yet could you give me a couple days please man,

    Send me your PayPal and as soon as I send payment I’ll send my address bro thank you!
    Hi Billy, noticed that you submitted two B/S/T threads (as well as a duplicate, which has been deleted), I've approved and merged them both together.
    Hey badboybilly! Is it legal to import laser parts such as Modules, diodes and hosts into Australia from overseas? Will customs seize it if it's just parts? Thanks! :)
    Hey badboybilly! I see you're from AU. How were u able to get your laser through customs? Disassembling it? Thanks!
    Hi LPF members, my name is Bill I've been a member nearly a year know, I'm always reading threads here even while at work, great people, interesting builds, great forum. I've learnt so much, spent a lot of money, thanks to you guys I now have about 10 decent lasers built from the knowledge gained her, I'm from Australia. I've been wanting to post a build for ages but only have my iPhone 6 and couldn't figure out how if possible from a phone. I thought that's what I was doing tonight but turned out it was only my profile album, haha, that took long enough, if only I could transfer my whole album to a thread I think a NUBMO7E build is definitely worth a thread. Anyway thank you to all that have helped, I look forward to seeing more quality builds and reading interesting opinions, and love these new high power diodes.
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