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  • Thanks for the rep Radim. :) It's really nice to see you back online. We need to get you into the vet section now you're back. ;)
    Thank you, buddy. I have been here all this time and only recently got around to joining the vets here. Hurry up and join. You don't want to miss out on all the free stuff we get and all the perks other members can only dream about.
    Thank you for the rep. I have been so busy with laser builds today that I just now saw it. They have been keeping me hopping around here lately. :)
    Radim, only 8 more posts and you can finally become a vet on post count anyway. ;)
    I wonder if you will be let off with a month as you are so close. :thinking:
    I saw the front suspension on the google pic and oh yes it looked very advanced for the time. When looking up the spec's they didn't reveal much info though on the set up. I really didn't have time to search further but this setup is proving to stand up with the time's just like Porche's setup to this day which is all "related"
    Being born in the US i'm still ignorant that we aren't the only car makers or trucks..
    I'm sure going to do some more reading on this:beer:
    Radim, my friend!! How are things going for you and your recent artworks?! I haven't spoken with you in a few weeks, hope all is well!
    Sorry to hear that:( What aweful timing! Well as everyone had to say better now than on the road. I did a quick another quick google and have to say I was impressed. First thing that caught my eye was the closed front with no radiator, but then read its its an air cooled "OHV"! Great stuff for 1933:) Does it have that VW sound?
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