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  • Hi Gary. My 405 driver and pill arrived today, blue and white wires, which is +ve and -ve? Thanks :D
    Yes, the bundle offers in my sig and the discount code to members are still valid. :)
    Are you still offering the discounted price to members? I'm gonna buy one of these bad boys in early may if you are
    ahh.. well that makes sense. I guess I can wait until the green becomes more readily available. As for what I ordered, I am seriously impressed. It got to me in about 2 days and my laser is now fully functional. Thank you for the wrist strap too!! as for my old lense, if I sent it to you, would there a way that you can maybe recycle it? I feel like throwing it away is kind of a waste. Thank you again Gary, you rock!!
    Natman, we are not yet selling green lasers. We are waiting for the direct green diodes to become more available and lower in price. I have not seen any green handhelds of that power other than from a few other vendors like Laserglow (which are much more expensive).
    I was just wondering if there was a laser similar to the 1 watt blue laser that you guys sell except in green. I have seen online the WL krypton green 1watt laser, but for $1000, it is a bit expensive, and I would like one that is a build it yourself version. Do you know of anything like this on lpf.com? I saw on survivallaser.com that there was only a red, blue, and violet color, but I am pretty interested in the green.
    Thank you Ontologian. You can get a low power mode of 100-300mW by using a single fully-charged (like nearly 4.2V) 18650 battery. The exact output will depend on the precise voltage of the battery. If it drops too low the diode won't lase.

    Those look like pretty good goggles BTW. :)
    Garoq, I just received your laser body for the 1.4 445nm kit. I must admit the quality is high. I had some eagles available and I bought some cheapo glasses for others in the area to use if they need to come in.
    I got these OD 7+ goggles from a place in the St. Paul, MN with free shipping in two days to Duluth, MN fedex
    Laservision Style F12.P5E01.5000 | Laservision
    The body looks great! I wish I could get one around 300 to 500 mw - or get the body and bod an adjustable driver for the body. The very high power of the kit almost scares me, even with reflection blinds in a closed room, with a beam drop. THAT LASER is INSANE!~ Thank You ~ I donated to the forum partly because you were a part of it. Now I think I will be here a long time. :D Thank you for your excellent service and additions to the forum.
    Hello I am the guy that bothered you right before you left for your vacation. I hope it is going well. cant wait till you get back so I can exploit your marvelous lasers.
    Hi, I am interested in the $139 445nm 1-1.3W LPF Laser Bundle as well as a pair of protective goggles (do they protect only from blue?). Do you ship to Greece? Also can you declare this as flashlight components with a low price such as 20$ for customs?
    Tyler, the brass ring is a press fit in the pill, and the driver is soldered to the ring. I usually use a small drill bit in a drill press to remove the driver from the pill.
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