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  • I received the most important part of my new collection today...

    Thank you Garoq for working so hard to make these available to forum members :)

    ~ LB
    Hi, the LPF special deals we offer are listed in my sig. Contact me via PM for further info.
    Hi, i am new to the forums but not new to lasers. I i would like to have a 445nm that is 1W. I see that you sell kits or something like that. How much would the kit be?
    Hi STS, I'm glad you like the S4! Please consider posting something about it on the forum if you have time. Best Regards! :beer:
    Hello Gary! My 445nm S4 came in today and went together beautifully! Loving it already, I'll definitely have future buisness. Cheers :)
    Thanks Jinx, I appreciate the feedback and I hope you enjoy the product! :)
    Thank you so much Garoq! already got the order in and see that it has shipped! Fantastic experience with your site! will definately consider more purchases in the future!
    FDA says 5mW or less is safe for quick eye exposure (like .25 sec or less). The OD2.5 is my estimate, it is probably higher than that because my LPM won't accurately measure less than 2mW. At that level you will be safe from brief eye exposure from a laser of 500mW or less that is covered by the protective wavelength range.
    Hey thank you for the reply! i think i'm going to pull the trigger on these then!

    Real quick, On your page i did see the 'update' that says they received a 2.5OD rating at 635nm wavelength, I asume that means the test you did gave that result. is 2.5OD not enough protection to save your eye from a 1 second or less direct hit?

    I'm still new to all this kind of stuff so I dont know how low a laserbee power meter goes, but iv'e heard people say below 5mw beams shouldn't injure the eye for quick hits, would you think it would be below 5mw or not quite that low? Your opinion here is a good enough answer for me :) I dont need a re-test or anything like that.

    thank you again!
    Jinx, the Survival Laser SL-RLG13 are indeed the Eagle Pair EP-13 goggles. Out of an abundance of caution, we list them at 660-760nm because during our testing with high power 635nm lasers they appeared to pass more light at that wavelength than I was comfortable with. However, the amount transmitted was not measurable on my Laserbee power meter and is likely quite small. They are most likely just fine for a 650nm laser of the power level you mentioned. If I could test them with a more sensitive meter I may revise our recommended nm range.
    Dear Garoq! I've been informed that you are Survival laser and It would be okay to ask you a question about a pair of safety glass you sell (or may not sell) on here. I've been looking for a pair to protect me with my first 16xDVD rom LD 650nm that i'll be probably running at 150-200mw (maybe 225-250 at the absolute highest). I also plan to hopefuly get a bluray diode sometime in the future (a year or less).

    I was thinking the eagle pair glasses would be a good choice, and their website lists these particular glasses: EP-13-Beijing EagleView

    which would seem to fit my needs, now on survival laserI could find this exact pair, but one that is almost similar except it lists only 660-760nm. Do you know if you have the ability to get the Ep-13's from eagle lasers website? I'm just trying to make sure the 650 nm is covered and i wasn't sure if it is safe to go below the numbers shown i.e. below 660..

    Thank you for your time
    I just received the red (H) and the violet laser today. I like them both very much. I can't wait to see what they look like at night. Thank you very much, the shipping was fast as always and I couldn't be more pleased. Also the stainless steel extension tube makes my 1.4watt blue look freaking awesome!
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