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  • Hey there! i was wondering if i might be able see the schematics for the buck drivers you are using in your 445 1W build. I'm interested in the actual components being used on the manufactured pill. Pretty please!!! i do not want to rip my awesome laser apart out of dreaded curiosity!
    wanted to see if those survival lasers were still for sale. looking for a 445 or 447. wasnt sure what your pricing was.. gimme a shout when you geta chance with more info.
    thanks. josh
    I want to order one of your lasers with the copper heatsink and the extended battery setup as soon as you have it available. Can you message me when you are ready to ship and let me know the member cost and methods of payment you have available. I am also interested in any projects you are doing with even more powerful diodes that are coming on the market.

    My business is communication satellites, but I did a lot of high power laser research in college, mostly UV lasers in much higher output categories.

    Hi, Giroq,
    I saw your laser and i like it a lot, and i have a few questions...
    First of all, could you please shi it to Brazil and mark it as a 35 USD gift?
    How much would it be with:
    G-1 lens
    copper upgrade
    External Lens Spring
    Rechargeable Batteries
    without the Laser Safety Goggles
    Is this diode the most powerfull you can use?

    I also would like to know the shipping cost...
    Thanks a lot
    Ricardo de Abreu
    Utah in Dec.---no thanks-- I'd be whinning like little girl--at one time I was cool with snow when i lived in Ohio--- but now 25 yrs in Fl and Texas have turned me into a fricken sissy---stay warm my friend----hak
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