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  • Yep, here you go


    I don't have the battery that came with it, I can't find it! Apparently it wasn't too good though so it's not much of a loss. I did have this thing taken completely apart at one time, all the way down to the module. It still works like it should, but I figured you would like to know that fact.

    I've looked at your order, and it shows as an E3 Elite Series Green (532nm). Your purchase amount is listed as $99.95, which is the price of the 100mW version. Do you have any records that show that you had ordered a 200mW laser? If you do, can you send it to me: dan@wickedlasers.com. Thanks!
    OK, thanks... I may get one just not as a paying customer... My troubled E2 GB will likely end w/ several people getting refunded and I may be given an E3 as pay-back for the troubles...
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