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A recent Graduate From FGCU, who ran cross country and loves to use lasers

Lasers running animals xbox technology star wars computers
Jan 7, 1990 (Age: 31)
Melbourne, Florida
Cook, window cleaner,


2.1 W 445nm Sci-FI blue laser
1.4W 445nm blue C-6 laser
650mw 532nm Green Laser - CNI PGL-III-C
500mw 405nm violet C-6 laser
500mw 445nm blue lazerer cyber
200mw green 532nm laser laserbtb
200mw ebay focusable red laser
160mw 638nm Fixed Focus Leadlight Chrome (soon)
100mw Power rock 532nm green laser
50mw 405nm violet laser
50mw 532nm laser flashlight
3, 5mw (prob 50mw) fasttech 532nm green laser pens
5mw ? ebay pen lasers
5mw 660nm red laser pen
Red and Green laser projector


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