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  • Dear Eudaimonium could you please guide me about the IR diodes that I have extracted along with Red LDs from DVD writers ?? I have used up all the LDs but all the IRs are still lying unused. Any idea ? Plz help me.
    " you sir need a new definition of awesome"

    That is the most un-awesome thing I've heard all day. :(
    Not to gloat, I am Mil-Spec soldering certified... I will take photos of all builds and keep them filed, atleast the diode, holder/heatsink and driver just FYI & Mine. Of course I'll take care of him.. I love these things..
    Hi Eudaimonium, I replied to your message and hope it reaches you.
    Glad to add you as a friend and take care.
    I just really wanted to say thanks. Really you have givin me some insight into some things. Also I believe i could learn from your posts also..
    I am currently working on a boost converter driver,
    I am one schottky diode short of having it completed.

    It will be either this weekend, or the other one when my boosters are finished and make me able to run a PHR laser of one 18650.

    Expect thread soon.
    LIL' late with this note, but part 3 is out since last weekend. The regulator works perfectly, the lil' green light so happily blinks at me when iron is at good temperature.
    Basically I managed to did it. I turned 5$ Soldering iton and 10$ worth of parts into functional 100$ soldering station! Ironing tips don't go to waste prematirely, soldering jobs easier because of ability to set right temperature.
    Thank for all'ya support!
    OK guys i have the part2 of the regulator project out, however you may find it dissapointing (I did) since it is not working because I got wrong resistors for mine...
    Part 3 next weekend will cover the replacing of resistors and and testing the run time of UPS
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