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  • Do you have any WF-501b heatsinks, 12mm module version?
    You can respond to me by PM or email (alessandrosciarra@live.com)
    pozdrav prijatelju, zanimaju me jako tvoja kučista i hladnjaci sto prodaješ i tak općenito neke informacije u vezi lasera pa ko molim te se nekako možemo cuti mobom ili telefonom... ja sam iz osijeka
    I would like to buy 2 of your hosts with the longer battery tubes for 2x18650 batterys. I'm not sure what info you will need from me but here is my email-
    Thank you.

    Do you have any heatsinks for the C2 Ultrafire host left?
    I'd like to purchase one.

    Hey dude!
    Do you still have U-501B heatsinks for sell? I'm interested to get you some.
    I'm from Spain, my mail is tocatelosguebos@hotmail.com
    I'll be waiting your answer :yh:
    Thanks, I just checked out ME3Explorer. Looks good! And I've always been wondering this: me3explorer.freeforums.org ? View topic - The name Coalesced.... :)

    I did a bit of coalesced.bin editing for Gears of War 3. There's so much that can be modified :S It says on there that the project is open-source? I may want to contribute one day when I have nothing to do.
    Hey you're into savegame modding? I own xboxmb.com. Check out our program sometime! Xboxmb.com/horizon
    yes please send answer about heat sink for Douglas Johnson to doujohnson@charter.net some times I dont get on the laser forum for days.
    Hi my friend Cliff over at Cajun recommended youwhat I need is a heat sink for the trustfire z5 or also called the Cree xml - t6, the measurments I came up with for the heat sink is 29.5 to 30mm diameter and 19mm tall for standard aixiz module ( using the m140 diode) do you have somethin g for this or will it need to be made? Thanks Doug Johnson

    I am attaching three pics of another z5 flashlight I am using as a host the heat sink in this image would work perfectly however the flashlight is build a little differently than the other z's I have ( the others are z1's this is a z5) and the head sink needs to be shorter in order for all to fit in driver areathe one pictured is aprox. 31mm (it is the heatsink sold at cajun for the guidesman red led flashlight and again if it were only 19mm tall it would work perfectly. Let me know how you can help, I would take three or four of these if you can help me out with the proper dimensions. Thank You So Much Douglas Johnson North Carolina, USA
    I 'm back from holiday and I haven't received my heatsink , I don't think i'll receive it, there must be a problem . what can we do ?
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