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  • heatsink and focus adapter for CQG 3x18650
    today is the 22 of August and you shipped the items just after the 13 of July but I haven't received them. It's more than a month now from Croatia and I think it's a lot.
    I'm leaving tomorrow for a week holiday, I'll let you know when I'm back if I have it.
    A++ user really fast shipping and good package. Fast & Good Quality! Buy from him.
    Five Stars! Pay 6-22 arrive 7- 11. 20 day shipping for Italy very fast!
    approx. 45-60 day for international shipping to me.
    Sorry about the whole Skype thing. Got home late and then got backlogged in a metric shittonne of work :/
    Apparently I need to spread out some rep before I can give to you again.. oh well.
    never mind man im ordering the direct fit heat sink for the dioed and also do u know where i can get glass lenses instead of plastic
    Although I would love to die in the hairy hands of Chuck Norris, I just wouldn't be able to live a happy life without cereal.
    Now I feel like an even bigger A-hole- I get +rep for admitting that I was rude and editing a post I should have not made---NOTE TO SELF:

    be rude more often----lol

    thanks for your opinion at the time i was pissed and your comment was needed and heeded.
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