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  • Thank you my friend. Let me know when it's YOUR B-DAY, & I'll return the favor. I doubt if you're gonna be 55 though. HA HA HA ................rob
    Yeah, it is & it's one of my favorites !!!! Hey SS, do you have 50 posts yet ? If ya do, how about a REP PT. for reaching 55 yo alive & in one pc.??? Only if ya want to, OK ? Thanks, whatever ya decide. Your pal...................rob
    Hi Silvershot, I'm kickin' back watching "PATTON" right now, whay are YOU up to today?
    BTW, Tomorrow's my B-DAY !!!! 55 years old, GEEZ I feel OLD !!!!!!!!!
    What a idiot! I have stuff for sale that is not spam!
    Oh, yea. Diachi converted the original video from youtube and I added the laser frame by frame.
    yeah..and depending on how many want refunds, i may just go ahead with them and then resell them after they are finished for much higher.... cause at $65 ea. that just barely covers the cost of parts alone.
    alright np. I'm going to start offering refunds to people. so if you do get tired of waiting just let me know.
    :( wish i knew! only Dr.Lava has that answer. if he doesn't ship the drivers real soon i'm gonna have to start sending out refunds, i hate having 6 unfinished transactions just kind of floating.....either way i am done with dr.lava, between the complete lack of communication, over priced product, and the pain in the butt google checkout......i'm sticking with rkcstr from now on.
    Things are good. :) You lost interest in lasers??:( Well...I guess that happens to all of us from time to time.
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