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  • i cant do a remix as i dont have a notes.. also if i figured out notes by myself it would sound not as the original track as i use another sounds etc..

    all i can do for you is loop some sequences to make it longer.. extended..

    but i will need a WAW file..
    i havent used an mesenger for a long time, so now i am figure out how to run it.. heh..
    it is downloading some updates..

    I find that hard to believe. Nobody sucks at PIX like me. But I AM gonna try to get some PIX of that YELLOW UP SOON. Be cool my friend, & watch for the PIX when they come out--------------rob
    Right back at ya SS. I got a late CHRISTMAS GIFT from my friend who is a UK LASER MFGR. A YELLOW LASER @ OVER 30mW's worth over $1200.00. It was missing a tail dongle which I made for less than $5.00. Now the laser works perfect !!!
    This account has been around since 03/2008. I had another with which I was not very active before (mostly just lurking). I was a moderator over at Lazer Enthoosiasts until I became disillusioned with the profit over character attitude there. Then I moved over here full time .
    Aaaah finals...I don't miss those days one bit. But, it's really not as bad as what everyone makes it out to be. If you do good in class to begin with, you really should have nothing to freak out about.:)
    Things are going great. Got some family in town that I haven't seen in over 2 years. Oh...the holidays:)
    It goes just fine. I've found that if i just keep breathing both in and out, things seem to work out just fine
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