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  • Wow, I just went through your "custom host" album and I must say you have some pretty impressive ideas for hosts :beer:
    yeah i think that would work. gonna end up putting a aixis mod in it. getting close to having my first self made laser. looking at the block being heatsink. and bolt down. this would be going on a xy table.
    love your hand held hosts. looking for a heatsink bolt up host. dont have my milling machine put together yet. was wanting to know what it would run for a 1" square x 4" long.
    I love this new LOC mini RPL... and this new LOC mini RPL loves me.

    Thanks again man! Great work!
    Hello Eghemus, just wanted to let you know I just recieved your custom made host today in excellent condition! It looks really top notch and at first I couldn't even see the battery cover because the fit is so perfect that the laser looks like one solid piece... Great work, thanks!
    I Haven't seen it before... but I've got some LOC projects coming up, and that direct press option looks quite nice.. and effective! I'll be hitting you up for those sometime!
    hey there ehgemus, I was wondering if you ever did the knurlded aixizs nuts that I breifly talked to you about in a thread someware
    Hey Ehgemus ! just wanted to let you know I got my host today ! It's awesome thanks again !
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