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  • Hello was wondering if you would be able to make me a custom host To fit my ndg7475 1w in one of dtrs modules with 2x 18650 batteries I can pay upfront
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    I just figured out how to read your message. If you could overnight on Friday so I can get it by Saturday that would be GREAT. I know dtr express mailed the module and it got here the next day. How do i pay you? Do you have a pay pal site or something like that?
    Do you have a phone number or email address we could use as a more direct contact? My email is david@charterstek.com. My phone is 317-331-8985
    Sent you a pm about the custom host.
    If you accept PayPal, PM your details for I can send my email for an invoice.
    Responded to your PM about a custom host,
    Not sure if you received it or not. If not I can send it again
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