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  • Hi:

    Is this a bare host or is there a contact spring in the tail cap & a pill also? Will on or two of the 5A SXD driver that DTR sells fit on the heat sink pad?


    Hi, I was referred by DTR's Laser Shop to inquire about a custom host for the 445nm 9mm Diode In Copper Module W/2.4A X-Drive & G-2 Glass Lens.

    I just have 2 requirements for the host.
    1. Momentary push button switch rather than the usual latching switch.
    2. Switch placement on side of hose rather than the end.

    Would this be possible?


    I'm searching for a good host for a 5W 450nm diode with a 4A SXD driver, and I heard some great stuff about your hosts (being entire heatsinks and all that)
    Could you show me some you have for sale and would work with this diode and driver?

    also, what would the shipping cost to send to Belguim?

    Battery Choice?
    I want a key switch similar to this one, I am still looking but this is an example.

    AC 250V 1A 3 Terminals on Off Tubular Key Lock Switch Silver Tone | eBay

    I am going to try to wire up a lm317 with two sets of output options and use the key switch to use one output as off, one as 26ma, and one as 100ma using the key to route to different resistors. Issues I forsee may by room inside the host. What do you think?

    Sorry I didn't realize it did that to the prior link.

    88ECF627-3875-424C-A0E3-1D51A2939160_zpsreiyheql.jpg Photo by ehgemus | Photobucket
    I can't see the picture for the link. You can email if it's easier. Ehgemus@gmail.com
    I am new to the forum and interested in purchasing a host that you think would work well with a 445nm source in the 2-3W range. Thanks for your help.
    No not yet, it will be shipped later this week. I have few hosts to build this week. I will let you know when it ships.
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