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  • Hey drlava, im looking for 2 optical elements to correct both the fast and slow axis of the beam. The complete assembly would be great. Contact me on shipping, prices, specs, yada yada ya.

    Washington states, 98006, usa
    DR, i need a driver for a 1000mw blue laser diode, i'll pay for FEDEX shipping to brazil!! Can you contact me as soon as possible??!! Please!
    Sorry for disturbing you, Drlava. Just wondering when u will respond a word to the two PMs I sent. Thanks.
    Hey drlava, hope you're doing well and i wonder if you checked the PM and hope for a response. Thanks!
    Hey Drlava, I PMed you and hope there are still some correction options available. Thanks a lot!:shhh:
    Hey lava, is there any way I could order a microboost driver with a 445nm glass lens?
    I don't have a google account. Paypal would be much preferred ;)
    i ordered a flexdrive and a glass lens from you a couple days ago, my paypal is wmlowder@ncsu.edu. is there any way I could change it to a micro boost? i think theyre the same price, and i am building a 445nm so i need the boost drive since you said theyre better for 445nm than the flex. thanks!!
    Someone posted some pictures from your web page. I thought I'd go over and take a look but I can't seem to find a URL. Would you point me in the right direction please?
    Hey DrLava, can you please give me the status of my order ?
    It's been 2 weeks now since I've paid.
    Nothing in the mail and no reply from you...
    Hey drlava. I sent you a PM. Can you check it please.
    It's regarding payment through paypal instead of google checkout.
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